Cardinal Men and Scarlet Women: A Colorful Etymology of Words That Discriminate

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Probably to debate whether the sport is popular or not. I expect to discover multiple reasons as to why people do parkour and what it may take to be a part of this Discourse. Also i expect to the discover how the community interacts with one another and trade input.

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Since I am so interested in the sport, I might not reflect on the negative and potentially dangerous aspect of parkour. I should research on how to be safe while practicing the sport, including the potential dangers in my paper. A discourse community is a group of people who share a set of discourses, understood as basic values and assumptions, and ways of communicating about those goals. Also, a according to Swales, a discourse community is centrifugal and speech communities are centripetal.

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In the parkour Discourse community, the main object is clear: get around obstacles are quickly and fluently as possible. Through emails, blogs, social gatherings, etc, tricks, maneuvers, and styles are shared within the community. Many parkour enthusiasts produce websites, clothing, and news articles to broadcast the community and sport. The community has a large variety of vocabulary to define specific moves and techniques.

Some include: Kong vault, precision jump, wall run, lazy vault, tic-tac. The sport is worldwide and there are millions of people participating in the sport. Swales argues that it is possible to participate in a Discourse community without being assimilated in it while Gee does. I think that assimilation is such an important concept in defining Discourse communities because assimilation is t he process by which a person or persons acquire the social and psychological characteristics of a group. To be assimilated means to be a part, initiated, or taken in to the community and it is hard to define who is or is not within that in-group.

An example would be a parkour Discourse. When one trains with someone else in this particular Discourse, one must jump, climb, and tumble through obstacles rather than walking. Non-dominant Discourses are also the mastery of secondary Discourses but does not give one potential for social goods but to be a part of the social in-group of that Discourse. This is similar to my definition of literacy which is the ability to comprehend multiple forms of communication.

In his writing, he stated that literacy is influenced by others a. Gee states that to acquire a Discourse, one must socially interact with those who have mastered a particular Discourse. He also states that literacy is the mastery of a secondary Discourse. There is no in-between. One is are either in it or not.

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For example, to be a part of the lawyer Discourse and defend a victim, one must have strong knowledge of the rules and regulations of laws. If one was to only be exposed to their primary Discourse, they would only put on that particular costume and interact how that Discourse teaches to act for their entire lives.

They would not know the good, bad, strengths, and weaknesses of that Discourse because they were not exposed to different Discourses. It has to come naturally through social interaction and without the knowledge of a variety of Discourses, one is left out from social goods. There is no true law or regulations of any particular Discourses. There are set boundaries however, but nothing is truly set in stone.

It needed no introduction or conclusion at some point in history. It was a standalone misogynistic slur that compares a woman to a female dog. Through the primitive period of the word, it was used to solely target women; undermining their gender, and empowering patriarchal society The connotation would continue to be used in ancient Greece and Rome, but it mostly held its stronger, derogatory meaning. This phrase was used in an attempt to suppress non-Christians and pagans, impugning those who were spiritual followers of Greek religion.

The word likens masculinity to femininity which is highly offensive in a patriarchal society. After this era, the word would vanish. At this time, women became more public, pushing for equality across the nation. On June 4, , the nineteenth amendment was passed and women gained the right to vote in federal elections. This ignited an uproar amongst their male counterparts, because it threatened patriarchal America. However, as seen in the graph, the use of the word dropped during the s during World War II. Bayley also correlated that this drop could perhaps be explained by women playing a substantial part in the war effort.

Why the sudden influx of the word? Men would find this continual trend of women workers as a threat to their dominance.

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The word only resurfaced so men could put down their female counterparts once again. We must realize that Bitch is Beautiful and that we have nothing to lose. Nothing whatsoever. Throughout the 80s and 90s, the word turned vicious due to major male hip-hop influences. The song received good public response and was a success. It was so positive, it won Latifah a grammy. Other artists such as Trina, reinvented the word by characterizing it with a sense of empowerment.

Bitch started to claim new meaning.

Definitions of empowerment and strength emerged for bitch and some women started to self-claim its title. More derivations of the word started to emerge in 21st century pop culture. Although the word has come a long way, it still possesses its original meaning as a slur. As a male, I believe that the word should solely be utilized by the women in-group.

Women can satirically and objectively flip the denotations of the word, but, on the other hand, men do not have this right.

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History has shown the violent and explicit meaning of the word as a factor to empower patriarchy and degrade women. No matter what context that a man uses this word, even if directly quoted, it will fully hold offensive connotations towards its meaning. Allen, Robert Edward. The Oxford dictionary of current English. Oxford University Press, Acemoglu, Daron, David H. Autor, and David Lyle. Business Source Complete.

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Freeman, Joreen. Hughes, Geoffrey. Sharpe, c Humphrey, Michelle. Literary Reference Center. Keessen, Jan, and Bill Hannan.

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Milwaukee, Wisc: Marquette University Press, Ruthless, Zeisler, Andi. You Betcha. Skip to content Home About. Monroe, Garry. Personal interview. Source 1: In the article From Obstacle to Opportunity: Parkour, leisure, and the reinterpretation of constraints is an article about overcoming fear and mastering the body through parkour. Bavinton, Nathaniel. Gilchrist, Paul, and Belinda Wheaton. What do you expect to discover?

How will you gain access? What biases might you contain about the topic? How can you make sure your biases are not reflected in the method? The community dominantly communicates through social media and group events.