Finding Your True North: A Personal Guide (J-B Warren Bennis Series)

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Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Booktopia Comments This book is featured in our Business Books for Excellence page, a collection of the best books to help you work, communicate and manage better. Product Description A personal guide for becoming an authentic leader Whether you are just starting your leadership journey or leading a large organization, The Discover Your True North Fieldbook will help you find your leadership purpose, that internal Compass that provides direction and keeps you oriented—your True North.

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View Wishlist. Hello, Login. Visit Our Stores. They really just don't design books the way they used to The Discover Your True North Fieldbook will help you: Become more self-aware and self-accepting Locate that sweet spot at the intersection of your passions and strengths Identify and lead from your core values when it matters most Build a robust support team to guide you through difficult times Discover your leadership purpose, the essence of who you are, your True North Stay grounded by integrating all aspects of your life Grow as a global leader Help others become authentic leaders To help you actually live your True North, this Fieldbook concludes by offering a rigorous, step-by-step process that generates a customized, behaviorally anchored Personal Leadership Development Plan.

Visit www. COM Terms Seek them out! After each experience, you should process them by going back to your development plan to see what changes you need to make or further experiences you should have. Finding Your True North offers you a series of exercises that will enable you to go deeper into your life story, discover your passions, and develop into an authentic leader.

It starts with an exploration of your life story and its relationship to your leadership. Then, you will examine the leadership experiences you have had thus far in your life, as well as your challenges and disappointments. You will have the opportunity to explore ways that you might get pulled off course from your True North.

Finding Your True North: A Personal Guide (J-B Warren Bennis Series)

After that, you will be ready to delve more deeply into the greatest crucible of your life and to understand and frame your experiences at a deeper level. This understanding can enable you to make the transformation from an I leader to a We leader. Next you will go to work on the five key elements of your personal development as a leader: gaining self-awareness, clarifying your values and principles, understanding your motivations, building your support team, and leading an integrated life. In the final section, you will author your leadership, exploring your leadership purpose, understanding how you can be an empowering leader, and examining ways to optimize your leadership effectiveness.

This is a dynamic document that you can return to in future years to assess your progress, update your plan based on experiences since it was created, and prepare for the next phase of your leadership journey. Your responses to the exercises and your notes in this personal guide are your confidential work. However, we do encourage you to share them with others, including your trusted mentors, coaches, support team, and leadership discussion group.

Finding Your True North: A Personal Guide / Edition 1

This feedback will be invaluable to you in developing your PLDP. As you share yourself, your story, and your answers with others close to you, take the risk of revealing your vulnerabilities. You will find that sharing with others in this way is a very liberating experience. When you are open with others, they in turn will feel safe in being open with you, and you will form deeper bonds. There are several ways you can use this guide:.

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You can work through this personal guide as a group with friends or even new acquaintances, as each of you completes the exercises individually, discusses the results openly with the other members of the group, and solicits their feedback. Then it can be helpful to go back to the exercises and update them, based on the feedback. Your group can be led by a professional facilitator, who guides your discussion and keeps the group on track.

Or you can create a peer-facilitated group, in which leadership of the group rotates to a different group member for each session.

See Appendix B for suggestions on forming such a group. To enhance your work on your leadership, you can use Finding Your True North under the guidance of a coach or mentor. Your coach or mentor can work with you on each of the exercises, give you valuable feedback, and encourage you to explore yourself and your story more deeply. You can use this personal guide with your team at work. It will enable team members to discover their authentic leadership and help the team function more effectively because they understand each other better through sharing their stories.

As team leader, you can guide your team through the process, or you can use a professional team-building consultant and facilitator. You can use this guide along with True North as the basis for a course on leadership development, either in an academic setting or in an organization. It has the flexibility to be used with leaders at all stages in their careers: young leaders, including college and graduate students; midcareer leaders; leaders at the top of their organizations; and leaders embarking on the third phase of their leadership journeys after they have completed their principle leadership roles.

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In the case of a larger group, you will need a professor, teacher, or leadership development professional to structure the material and lead the group. Such a course should include the cases listed in Appendix C that were specifically developed for use in leadership development courses. In addition, it is highly recommended that your group be broken into smaller LDGs for discussion of more personal matters.

From Engineer to Leader: Finding Your Path

As you embark on discovering your authentic leadership by moving into the heart of this guide, let me offer my personal welcome to you in your desire to become an authentic leader and to follow your True North. I encourage you to be completely open and transparent as you look inside yourself and answer the very challenging and difficult questions posed in the exercises.