Globalisation and Work in Asia

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Firstly, it must band together through Asean - the regional grouping that turns 50 this year - and maintain the region's neutrality. This is why Southeast Asia has done well over the years, said Mr Ong. This growth continues: by , Asean will become the fourth largest economy - "provided we band together", he said. We don't have to feel compelled, even as the world globalises, to emulate others," said Mr Ong.

Globalisation in the Asia-Pacific Context – Parliament of Australia

He cited the Nanyang style of art, a unique blend of East and West, created by pioneer Chinese artists who brought their Western art knowledge back to the region, adding influences from Balinese and Chinese art. The third condition is that each country tackles the potential social dislocation that will arise as a result of globalisation. This has already started, especially in the face of digitalisation.

Those who lack relevant skills are at great risk of unemployment.

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The way we teach the new generation, the way we interest them in whatever domains they might have a talent in He hoped to see Southeast Asian countries work together on this, and exchange ideas on how the region can innovate. Mr Ong during the breakfast on Sunday decided to give the young leaders a reprieve from the security issues that had dominated their past two days at the Shangri-La Dialogue, choosing instead to take on trade and technology.

But economic measures and initiatives - from the Asean Economic Community to the Trans-Pacific Partnership - unite and bridge countries, forming an important part of the security architecture, he said. The world is at a turning point, he said: "A new era of technology is driving the way our economies work, which will in turn drive security concerns.

Globalization: What the West can learn from Asia

He examples of how technology and new players - from Netflix to Uber - has disrupted traditional business models. This has made it challenging to protect industries, and all over the world countries are trying their best to reassert their control now that rules can be easily bypassed.

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Nevertheless, some of the positive impacts for Northern Ireland include:. But there are downsides, such as:. Globalisation has made its biggest changes in the workplace. Workers in Northern Ireland traditionally worked in linen and rope making, and in the shipbuilding industry.

The Rise of Anti-Globalisation and its Impact in Asia

These jobs have moved to lower-cost countries in Asia. Computers have replaced people in many industries. The car industry is a good example. It was once a big employer, but most of the work is done by robots today.

Meanwhile, there has been an increase in jobs in the IT, customer service, and financial sectors. As these changes continue, employees must retrain and learn new skills to keep up.

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