Losing Battles

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Email Address. On the first page, the marvelous descriptive power which carries so much of her writing makes itself felt--"Then a house appeared on its ridge, like an old man's silver watch pulled once more out of its pocket. Here and there, during this mighty get-together, the reunion of a family on the 90th birthday she says th of Granny Vaughn, some of it runs to grass.

Losing Battles by Eudora Welty from Lemuria Books

It's the occasion when Granny expects to "see all the great-great-grandchildren they care to show me" along with her clutch of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Granny's mind sometimes slips, and well through this memorable day she's asking for her presents; they're all around her--a prayer plant or a new apron or a sodabox full of sage.

The day is also remarkable in that after two years, one of the great-grandchildren, Jack, is being released from the pen--to join them and his wife and his baby although for a time it seems he might lose them both to a lurching car--an episode which with its retrieval is one of the many comic scenes. He's not the kind to give up; nor is his wife Gloria who grew up an orphan never knowing who was her father nor is the former schoolteacher of Banner who attempted to block their marriage.


Losing Battles

She was the most embattled of them all. Miss Welty once defined the novel as "reflections and visions of all life we know compounded through art. They're all here. Review Posted Online: Oct. Stunning deluxe edition of the classic, remastered and packed with eight bonus tracks. A Quiet Divide by Rhian Sheehan. A sublime merger of post-rock solemnity and cinematic grandeur, the composer's first album in five years unfolds as a protean tour-de-force.

The Arizona band do right by post-hardcore on their immersive new LP, leavening untempered breakdowns with carefully-measured catharsis. Grace by Chihei Hatakeyama.

Losing Battles

Delicate, natural-feeling ambient work for electric guitar, piano and field recording by this storied Japanese experimental artist. Glitchy pieces get glued together to create a humming minimalist soundscape. Turning Witch EP by Mombi. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature "The Music of" tribute to French musical legends. Explore music. Fighting Losing Battles by waterfall eyes.


Tom Deadson. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. I can think of a few others, but I'll hold out till some of you put in your two cents!

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In real life, Welty was blessed to have some gifted teachers and this character is surely a worthy tribute to them. I still can't read the scene about the class holding hands in the whirlwind without crying. And at every opportunity I quote the great one-line description, ""She would teach you to within an inch of your life if you gave her the least bit of encouragement. I didn't connect it when I read it in the book.

Didn't you love the contrast between how she was viewed by those outside Banner and how she was viewed by those inside it? And, even those who had great respect for her, such as the Judge, didn't bother to come back to her until she was dead and they'd lost her for good. This is one of those books that is resonating more with me after I finished it than during the actual reading. I think these characters are going to be popping into my head at intervals.

This is what I meant when I said y'all would make me sorry I stopped! Now, Bridget Jones's Diary is finished, I'm probably going to have to finish this book. And I'll miss the discussion. But when I quit, and that car was still on Banner Top, I was not amused. A part of human nature, I guess. But I also saw a quote last week from some philosopher who said, ""The only truly educated person is one who is perpetually willing to change,"" and it knocked me for a loop.

The older I get, the more I can sympathize with people who steer clear of zealous and enthusiastic souls, however life-giving their missions may be. Sometimes the ol' enlightenment biz is just too doggoned tiring. G My loss, I'm sure. And, it sounds like Dale will as well. I'm kind of surprised at how strong an impression it is leaving with me. If it hadn't been a CR book, I'm pretty sure that it would have gone flying across the room after the first pages or so.

I'd be interested to see if you have the same impression if you finish it. Zealots were a lot more interesting to me when I was in my 20's. Unfortunately, a lot of what zealots are selling looks vaguely familiar to me these days. I have the feeling that I've seen it before with a different name. This especially happens a lot to me at work in education and I have to be careful not to reject good stuff out-of-hand. Is this to do with this format? Have we learned enough about using this BB that it won't tend to stymie discussion of a book like Years , for instance?

June is also the month when many schools get out, and end-of-the-year activities graduations, etc. For my part, I'm a bit embarrassed because I suggested ""Losing Battles,"" and then a big freelance project came crashing down on my shoulders, and I haven't been able to finish the novel.

Losing the Battle

But I will! Maybe others reading both got a little slowed down, too. I think that's okay. I bet little kernels of discussion will pop up throughout the summer! Even when we were back on the P Classic Boards, we didn't get that kind of discussion on every book. I do think that Losing Battles had the potential for that, but I don't think that most people liked it that much or that enough people read it.

Personally, I got familiar enough with the WebBoard format to get into discussion pretty quickly. I still have lots more about it to discover, I think, but that doesn't interfere. There were plenty of issues to hammer out, don't you think? But, folks are on vacation, etc and maybe aren't reading as much??

I don't think it has anything to do with the webboard, because most of us have found our way over here.

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Some of us hang out at the old site, too, but it's been a bit lackluster. Maybe the next book will fare better. It has certainly been a busy time for me, with not much rest in sight. But it started out looking like a discussion, and fizzled to my surprise. Now I'll probably never get back to this book. Weren't you one of the BBNM users?