Plant Systems Biology

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The group conducts research to understand and predict how underlying molecular genetics processes result in the vast array of complex metabolic, physiological, and morphological characteristics observed in nature.

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We harness this understanding to address critical topics in biology, including biodesign for bioenergy feedstocks improvement and plant and microbial community assembly and function. Research also addresses how plant genetic processes cascade through biological organization to influence populations, communities, and ecosystem-level processes such as carbon and nutrient cycling and sequestration.

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Our group uses advances in molecular biology, genetics and genomics, neutron and radiochemistry-based imaging, metabolomics, and high-throughput phenotyping as part of our research. View a hi-res version of this image.

Plant Computational Biology concentration

Tree of life: Poplar studies yield human cancer insights. Read More Sustainable bio-energy and biobased products.

The use of fossil resources, like coal and petrol, results in a net increase of atmospheric CO 2 , which reinforces climate change. Plants have the unique ability to capture CO 2 from the atmosphere and convert it into biomass.

Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology

Read more. Climate resilient crops.

Climate change is one of the most serious threats humanity has ever faced. Developing crops more tolerant to rapidly changing and more severe environments, e. Innovative crop care. Crops are under continuous threats, which hypothecate food production. Innovative solutions that optimize crop productivity and quality with a minimal impact on the environment are needed.