Scheduling in distributed computing systems : analysis, design & models

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Nowadays, Parallel and Distributed Computing can be considered an umbrella that incorporates a wide range of theoretical ideas, technologies, and applications. The objective of this book series is therefore is to provide timely treatments of the different aspects of parallel and distributed computing spanning theory, hardware, architectures, languages, applications of new and established techniques, enabling technologies and tools, and application domains.

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The book series will cover but will not be limited to such topics as: analysis and design of parallel and distributed algorithms; practical and theoretical models of computations; design, analysis, and implementation of parallel and distributed computing systems and architectures; parallel and distributed languages, compilers, operating systems, tools and environments; performance evaluation, modeling , simulation, and visualization of parallel and distributed computing systems; reliability and fault tolerance issues in parallel and distributed computers; scientific computing, computational science, and supercomputing; interconnections networks and optical computing; network-computing, internet-based high-performance computing; grid computing, and applications of parallel and distributed computing systems numerical computations, biological computing, remote sensing, computer vision, computer graphics, virtual reality, databases, signal processing, mobile computing, bioinformatics, etc.

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realtime operating system

The main of this module is to provide students witha solid foundation in High Performance Computing HPC and its role in data intensive science and engineeringapplications. The main aim of the module is to provide a detailedknowledge of real-time computing for embedded andcontrol computer systems.

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Topics to be covered inthis module include the design of embedded softwarecomputer systems, embedded system design usinghardware description languages HDL such as VHDLin the design of embedded systems, advanced designtools e. FPGA, DSP chips and micro processors,performance measurement, benchmarking and tools for system simulation testing and debugging;applications and case studies for embedded FPGAsbased systems will be presented; design of low-cost,high-performance embedded systems; hard and softreal-time computer system design for uniprocessorembedded system applications and distributed realtimesystems; characterising real-time systems, performancemeasure, task assigning, scheduling, faulttolerant scheduling, run-time, real-time data bases,real-time communication CAN, FlexRay, Realtime-Ethernet and inter process communication andsynchronization.

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The main aims of this module are to help studentsdevelop skills in project management including agilemethods e. SCRUM , and to build the capabilitiesfor teamwork.