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Which one are you??? View all 21 comments. Jan 06, Michelle. This book was OK. This bo This book was OK. I really liked Jen and Hunter. I liked the whole concept of the book. I love how Scott Westerfeld always writes books with these weird twists to the setting in them. That is one of the reasons I love his writing. Overall, it was an OK read. I didn't LOVE it.

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But I did like it. This may be my favorite Scott Westerfeld book. I enjoyed Uglies, Pretties, etc. I really liked Westerfeld's unique take on vampires in Peeps.

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But this. It's a mystery, as Hunter the cool-hunter 's boss disappears. It's social commentary, as I spent the whole book trying to figure out if it was completely realistic, or if it had a twinge of speculative fiction. The only thing that got on my nerves was the author's refusal to name brands.

Normally, this would have added a star in my book, but in this case, Westerfeld makes a point of not naming the brand, then gives clues that make the brand identity obvious. I think this does the opposite of what the author intends - I spent mind-power identifying the brand instead of glossing over it, giving more attention to the brand, not less.

I don't like bending my mind around clues with the prize being the word "Visa. Maybe that's the point. But really, read it. It still feels very current - and that could change any minute now. Feb 14, Eshusdaughter rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in , young-adult. This is one of Westerfeld's earlier YA novels. That shows in the writing. So Yesterday lacks the fast pace, engaging characters and tight plot typical of the author's later YA books. The too aptly named Hunter is a self-professed "cool hunter" - someone who seeks out the latest trends before they're trends.

Hunter is employed by large corporations to pass on his finds and take part in focus groups so that those expensive marketing campaigns that keep the mega-corporations afloat don't fizzle. Hu This is one of Westerfeld's earlier YA novels. Hunter's rather mundane world takes a turn for the exciting when he meets Jen, an innovator who makes the trends rather than following them. Jen and Hunter stumble into a conspiracy to upset the marketing status-quot and restructure the cool pyramid as they investigate a possible kidnapping.

The book's characters are unique and memorable though some have a tendency to lean toward the cliche. Hunter and Jen are likable but they exist in a plot that isn't well fleshed out and lacks a lot of depth. Overall the book feels light and insubstantial - where's the story? This is a couple of incidents loosely held together without any compelling impetus or drive. Hunter and Jen sort of bounce along with the story and are still bouncing when we leave them - reacting to their world but not changing it and not wholly a part of it.

This is definitely not Westerfeld's strongest work, but you can see traces of the novels that came later and were much, much better. View 2 comments. Aug 27, Jackie "the Librarian" rated it it was amazing Shelves: mysteries , youngadult. My first thought on reading this was: this is a novelization of The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, with cool teen characters, and an over-the-top mystery involving super cool shoes and purple-dye sabotage! Hunter is on the hunt for coolness and innovations, so when he sees Jen, with her skater style and her shoelaces woven in a way he's never seen before, he knows he's got an Innovator in his sites.

Hunter works for an agency that advises advertisers and companies on trends, recognizing them, My first thought on reading this was: this is a novelization of The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, with cool teen characters, and an over-the-top mystery involving super cool shoes and purple-dye sabotage!

Hunter works for an agency that advises advertisers and companies on trends, recognizing them, and creating them artificially through ads, media events, and products. He introduces Jen to concepts such as: Innovators who come up with new ideas, Trendsetters who spot the new, and make it cool, Logo Exiles who avoid all such trendiness, and Early Adopters who are the first to get any new technology. We send coded messages with our clothes, hair, music, and slang. But it's not just Hunter and the company he works for that has noticed how trend-setting works, and how it has been taken over by the media and big business.

There is a guerilla group on the prowl, and they plan to bring the artificial network of trend-setting to its knees. Too fantastic a plot to be believable, I still enjoyed it completely. Jan 01, Carol rated it liked it. A lot of years ago, I was in a book club, and we read some of Scott Westerfeld's books such as "Pretties", "Uglies", "Specials" and "Extra's. I had no idea what this book was about. I like to take gambles occasionally and be surprised. This book is a could read for anyone! Mar 09, Preeti rated it it was amazing Shelves: new-york , ya. Let's talk about the cool pyramid.

At the zenith, we have the Innovators. These are the first ones to do something new - rock a backwards baseball cap, get two piercings in one ear, wear boots on the outside of their pants. There's always something off about them. Like they're uncomfortable with the world. They are the second in line to follow a new trend.

Hilary Duff's Hit "So Yesterday" Was Released 15 Years Ago

They usually watch out for innovations so they can make 'em spread, because they are usually watched by the 'regular people. A Trendsetter's most important job is gatekeeper, the filter that separates out real Innovators from those crazy people wearing garbage bags. They get involved in a mystery, trying to find who's behind the plot to unravel the cool pyramid as we know it. Intriguing story - it will definitely make you look at "cool" in a whole new light.

Jan 11, Elif rated it really liked it. I love this, just it was very hard to track what was going on sometimes. Dec 08, Mara rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery , ya , new-york. Why did it have to be about shoes? Really, the whole shoe thing is just not one I ever understood not that I understand much about trends and fashion. But this is a great book that creates an interesting and probably fairly accurate scenario about how trends get started, how they spread, and why they seem to come and go so quickly.

But what if there's a group that's trying to undo the work of all the marketers and trendsetters these would clearly be my people? Are they the anti-cool? What i Why did it have to be about shoes? What if they themselves somehow become cool? This is the premise of Westerfeld's book. When Hunter a Trendsetter discovers the ultimate shoes in an abandoned building in Chinatown, he's determined to find out where they come from and whether they have anything to do with his boss's disappearance her phone was found in the same building, but nobody seems to know where she is.

What he learns about the "cool pyramid" and it's relationship to revolutionary France makes him re-evaluate his own status as a Trendsetter. It also gave me a lot of food for thought on the subject. This was really, really good. Infact, I was considering this as maybe one of my favorites That was until the last 50 pages or so The final twist, the gripping conclusion to the mystery And confusing!

It was totally ridiculous, and ruined the book for me. Also, the characters seemed pretty flat And the writing! You can tell this is Scott Westerfeld just learning his chops in This was really, really good. You can tell this is Scott Westerfeld just learning his chops in the YA field, it definitely has echos of his humor and wit, but whilst this is VERY easy to read, the writing is all over the place.

I would recommend this for existing Westerfeld fans If you're new to this author, start with Uglies or Peeps Nov 09, Amy Bailey rated it liked it. I really don't get what people think is so great about this book.

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Yes, the plot was unique, but it was also just rather odd. I didn't get what was so important about it and I didn't like the characters all that much. It seemed sort of superficial. I guess I just don't give a crap about shoes. Dec 06, Dana Schmidt rated it it was ok. Not one of his better books.

Hilary Duff - So Yesterday (Lyrics On Screen)

However it does shed a seriously sad light on what the future of our world will most likely look like. Especially if the next generation is in charge. The concept of the story itself was interesting, but the delivery overall was mediocre. I didn't find myself very invested into the characters. And to be honest, I'm still not totally sure when this whole thing takes place. Sep 09, Angie rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult.

I had so much fun listening to this book. The story was fast paced and the characters were a lot of fun. I did feel like the plot kind of lost my interest the last couple of chapters. Maybe if I understood economics and trends a bit more? Enjoyable and quick. Mar 23, Tony Nguyen added it. This book is a excellent book for readers who enjoy reading mysteries. There is a great twist in this book and the author hooks the reader constantly.

Who knew how important these shoes really are? Jun 08, McNeil Inksmudge rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult-lit. I listened to this on audiobook, and I'll rate that the reader was decent. Nothing bad but nothing truly exciting either. Made me wish books words made into radio serials with multiple actors. The book itself was decent. The podcast will always and forever be free, but your small contributions are a huge help to support this tender little family we've created.

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